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Mah artsys. :B THERE ARE A LOT GOING IN SCRAPS NOW TOO, if you like to check that out.

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I've bolded the section titles of each part of the journal to make easier to skim through and follow. I think.

Hello everyone. I really want to return soon, but I have questions before I can really come back...

My current situation sucks. Bad. No one has yet to accept any of my attempts to get hired [please wish me luck for a reply. I am still trying hard!].
Ignoring some of the more unsavory sides of my IRL situation...

My health insurance dropped me a few days ago because of age. They did not warn me and there was no buffer. I had to pay a nasty sum today because of what could be an infection in my tooth after a filling. This is a problem because I have neurological problems and my body thinks kidney stones are a BLAST.
Last December I was diagnosed with pseudotumor cerebri. In the most simple nutshell, its like a liquid brain tumor, almost. I have blind spots and take medication to keep painful fluid off my brain. I wont be able to afford this medication for long if I can't get decent income without insurance.

I'm going to see what I can do to get some kind of health insurance. (Is Obamacare okay...? How does it work? My family hates it and speaks like it does not, so I do not have a clue.)
But for now I am up shits creek with a tiny paddle.

But I do have the ability to draw. I am not completely powerless even if my body has problems. I can't just plead and have nothing to offer like I see so much online these days. I can offer my art.
Thing is, a lot of my prices are low. I like to be able to offer affordable things. It makes me happy to be able to make people happy.
But I can't afford to even get food for a 5$ piece. One 5$ piece that MAY take several hours if a problem occurs.
I ... feel like I need to raise some of my prices, even if I do not want to.

I need to know, what would you as customers feel okay with price wise? [Please be honest with these answers, even if said answers include no change at all.]
Right now, I offer...

Current: [5$] | New price [?$]

Colour sketch
Current: [10$] | New price [?$]

Flat Inks [these may be dropped soon because honestly, I really hate inking and it looks just like a less detailed version of C.Sketch. My sketches usually come out pretty clean so I don't see the point in just redrawing it and making it look worse?]
Current: [15$] | New price [?$]

Current: [30$] | New price [?$]

Other commission types are negotiable based on the type of line style X the amount of images USUALLY with an applied discount or extra tossed in if they wind up being a higher price. [IE, people who get a ref sheet will usually get X type of style times the number of images then get a set of face expressions for free!]

Maybe I could keep the old commission prices on a special based on artistic freedom? What do you all think of that also?

I'm going to be honest. I recently had some bad experiences with clients. I will NOT name names, but this hasn't happened quite as bad since the first time I opened. This involved clients who tried to circumvent my goodwill and resulted in threats against me if I didn't give handouts, as well as clients who got verbally abusive. This isn't cool.
I've relied on "through word" statements and basically explaining everything (because I believed I was very simple and have always approached with "If there's ever a question, please ask me!")

Where you guys come in is this, please link me to good, well written and fair TOS statements! I want to see how people word theirs so I know whats good to cover, make it simple and to the point!

I... think I'm going to need this to survive. Patreon.
I have the same questions I did a while back. I'm still confused and unsure, will I be able to do separate things for people to see? Basically, so people have to option to choose to see REGULAR ART, CHUBBY ART, or ALL THE ART.

Also, please link me to good, well priced art patreons? Help me choose price tiers because I honestly don't know what I'm worth. [my brain says nothing, sometimes.]

I'm thinking of making an adoptable species. The work has already began on it.
Maybe if I make the patreon it could be something myself and the supporters can work on together...!


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Pawjour Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
hahaha thanks for the fav on my screeching gin

and I finally found you on dA *U*
AnikiGin Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Digital Artist
Pawjour Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
asdjfkalsjdfk I just love your tumblr page! Your art is absolutely amazing! ;7; *swoon*

And oh my god, thank you for the watch! ;A;
AnikiGin Featured By Owner 1 day ago   Digital Artist
aaa djksbdjb I'm not that great, but thank you! ; u ;

of course~! Your critters are so cute <3
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Ribbontail Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015
Aaaah Gin Gin! It's your birthday!!
*confetti toss*
I know that things have been rough, but I hope that your day today at least gives you some peace and room to treat yourself well. You've been doing amazing this year and you deserve to feel good, so happy birthday! Sending my best vibes and well-wishes. ANOTHER YEAR, YOU MADE IT.
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