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Mah artsys. :B THERE ARE A LOT GOING IN SCRAPS NOW TOO, if you like to check that out.

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I'll be honest my life has been a trainwreck for a good while now and it isn't looking toward getting any better.

I've been wondering about patreon, if that's an option anyone is interested in here? I don't know if anyone would find my art interesting enough to want to fund me but I could glady share some of my many un-published sketches and works if so.
Would anyone who actually uses it might be able to also help me understand some things about it?

-Is it possible to set up multiple campaigns? So I can set up different campaigns to choose from, so no one has to be bombarded by art types they don't want to see! (like making two separate themed ones and one for everything?)

-I don't know how it exactly works. Is it a monthly thing? Weekly? Do I choose? I've seen some comic artists do per-image but that definitely doesn't work for sharing sketches and unpublished images!

-I think there are other fun things you can do with patreons right? like raffles and special commission things for donators... tell me more about it?

Just please tell me more about patreon! I'd like to know how other artists and how my watchers feel about it!

As a select few of you may know, I actually really enjoy photography. I've been wondering if any of you all would like me to share my photography with you on this account! Or would it be better for me to make a separate account for such a thing?

Also if anyone has any advice on photography watermarking, please share. I don't want to sound pompous but I've got some photos I could see getting stolen in a fartbeat. I don't want to ruin the images though by marking all over them, but still.


Some of my good friends are are in need as well! It just seems like a difficult time for us all.
I'll spare personal details as it might not be my place to say all of them, but if you're looking for some awesome stuff and helping out some good people, check these out!

My pal Ribs has some awesome commissions open now! If you're looking for someone to draw up your neat critters and AWESOME MONSTERS TOO be sure to check them out!
The past two months have been incredibly hard for us, with budget cuts putting my husband and I temporarily out of work and depression making it a struggle to make ends meet. We have no parents, no support, and nowhere to fall but back to the streets. Formerly homeless, I have come too far to fall back again.
Please-- I could really use your help right now. While we've got a good opportunity coming up in August, I have bills to pay now, living expenses we haven't met, and a car repair coming up.  If you have even a few extra dollars, please help me by buying a commission below.
Every little bit helps, and thank you to anybody who has been or will be here for us. Thank you guys so much. I will do my best for you if you will do your best for me!
(June 24th)

♦ ALL buyers will be put into a raffle, with 3 winners receiving an inked sketch request
♦ Previous buyers get 10% off
♦ Any purchas
G- Cauterize Me by RibbontailRot face and boil brains by RibbontailRot and 'gea sketchdump by Ribbontail

ZACH IS SELLING A SHITTONNE OF AWESOME ADOPTABLES LOOK AT THIS Most of their work is offsite but if it lets you comment on the stash that works, or send them a note. Or just ask me and I'll be glad to shoot them a message.
They also have an iron-artist themed commission drive going, so if you're interested be sure to ask!
tall sugar on short zacharies shoulders by croalurkare you coming? by croalurki think i went a bit overboard with this by croalurk

My fellow admin at the conan club is offering commissions as well! They have a really cute style for the DC fandom :D I know I've got DC fans up in here so check them out!
Commissions...Okay guys, I never liked the idea of commissions but I find myself in a terrible position right now.
I have had a minimum wage job 1-2 days a week for the last three, four? too many years while I have lived with my grandmother and taken care of her at home, as she hasn't been able to walk or take care of herself. She is currently 103 years old and I've lived with her practically all my life.
I now find myself in the horrible position of being told she only has a month to live and that we will be stopping her medicine come tomorrow.
That being the case, I have absolutely no money to help bury her when the time comes. She has a funeral plot, but that's all.
It's going to be very expensive and I don't know what else to do besides try and earn some money on here.
I write too, on fanfiction, but drawing something is easier for me unless it's like, Magic Kaito/Detective Conan, which I can typically write out a one shot/two shot of in 8 or so hours. I can probably do a few others but it would
Never Forgive - Never Forget by LostinthedreamsA Drink for One by LostinthedreamsHowling Good Author by Lostinthedreams

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JerraianKing Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the watch <3
AnikiGin Featured By Owner May 11, 2015   Digital Artist
no problem :D I love the designs in your pages!
I should post some of my FNAF doodles and stop being shy about sharing them, ahahah
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